The Lamp Locker.

The LampLocker provides individual bespoke solution to all aspects of the supply and disposal of both commercial and domestic lamps. It also most importantly ensures total compliance with current WEEE directives.

The Problem

  • Insufficient lamps on site
  • Incorrect lamps ordered
  • Poor quality lamps damaging fittings
  • Reactive ordering
  • In house decision making on ordering
  • High prices paid to local retailers
  • Incorrect disposal of lamps
  • No waste transfer information on site

The Solution

The LampLocker provides;

  • Individual site surveys.
  • Supply of lockable hygienic storage units
  • Monthly stock replenishment
  • Supply of branded lamps only
  • Regular disposal of  waste
  • On site crushing where required
  • Waste transfer notes supplied

In Summary

One of the most irritating issues on any large site can be the ordering and stock control of lamps. As the government continually imposes more and more legislation on, energy reduction, carbon emissions and disposal of waste, The LampLocker attempts to provide a simple cost effective answer to an ongoing problem.

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