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3d ultrasound scan sculpture



Using the magic of modern technology to bring your pictures to life!


With A 3D sculpture of the ultrasound scan, you can actually see and feel what your baby is like before birth. It is a wonderful way for mothers, fathers and siblings to begin bonding with the baby before he or she is born.


3d portrait




Use your favourite pictures, of your children, to create quality 3d sculptures which are appropriate to display on a table, piano, or mantle... in the living room, office or den.


Framed 3d portrait in Light wood finish frame


3D babys are highly personalized and are extremely durable and long-lasting.

Snapshots of children or grand-children, when transformed into 3-dimensional sculptures, are wonderful to use as gifts or decorations.


We'll work with you in creating a masterpiece 3d model of your children to be cherished for years to come.


All Images and Videos are 2D representations of 3D images

The actual 3D models are breathtaking.


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