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All our websites are coded using the latest HTML5 & CSS standards for compatibility.


Accessibilty checks and SEO optimisation are included as standard!

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Motogoat Web Services

We provide a comprehensive range of services including web site design, web site renovation, web hosting, email facilities, domain name registration, computer repairs and upgrades, networking services, remote support and a full featured secure data backup facility.

Web Design

We design and develop websites for business. We use very little flash in our designs as it is no longer supported in many mobile devices and also causes SEO and accessibilty issues - neither are good for business!

The websites we provide will work, are web standards compliant and accessible. Flash and/or javascript are used to enhance the sites.

Our starter package is just £60 - A single page plus a contact page. Annual fees are only £60

Contact us now for a quick no-obligation quote

Web Hosting

Web Hosting Services allow your web site to be seen on the world wide web. When purchasing a domain name, you will need hosting to be able to display your website on the internet - We include one domain name FREE with our hosting packages.

Payment for hosting packages is usually paid on an annual basis and you will be notified by email as and when it is due for renewal.

We can purchase Web site addresses (known as url's, or domain names) on your behalf.

email addresses

We can provide you with your own e-mail accounts with webmail access, or setup an email to forward to an existing address. We currently provide 5 address free with any domain purchases. e.g e-mail accounts can be changed at any time and we can also provide webmail access for those wishing to check e-mail whilst away from their own computer.

email and webmail are available free with any hosting package

Web Updater

We design your site and put the tools in place to enable you to add your own content. For novice users we would recommend our updater (CMS) option.

Our updater CMS (Content Management System) allows people with no programming experience to keep your website updated.
All you have to do is login, edit the text or upload pictures in a simple online editing page and click the 'Save Changes' button once you're finished.

For those who want complete control of the website, we also provide WordPress or Joomla options

We can repair all types of PC's and Laptops on a non-contract basis. Networking and Printer repair service also available.

Our on-site service costs from just £60, so call us today.


Use our contact form for your enquiries.

Online Data Backup

Powered by IDrive®Our data backup system backs up data over the internet onto very secure servers. All data is 256-bit encrypted and uploaded to a remote server located off-site through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This data is 100% restorable to its original format, when needed, by simply clicking a few buttons. Daily reports are received via email that inform system administrators of any errors in the backup and provides a complete log file for trouble shooting.

In addition, the Backup Software provides another level of protection by applying replication of the remote backup servers to another remote location. As a result, the security level is doubled.


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Telephone us: 0844 856 7469
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